If you haven't been coached by Kimberly, you haven't been coached at all.

Arthur M. Blank
Co-founder of the Home Depot
Owner of Atlanta Falcons, NFL and Atlanta United, MLS

We believe humanity is capable of great things; creating access to education for all, ending world hunger, curing all diseases, producing clean renewable energy, being capable of living in harmony with each other and the earth, and becoming a multi-planetary species. We exist to cultivate the agile leaders, teams, and cultures needed to pursue that greatness.


Due to the rapid pace of change and leadership demands, teams must model agility and effective team dynamics to ensure organizational health. Our coaches work in partnership with teams to uplevel their collective performance, dynamics, and engagement with key stakeholder groups to transform the organization and co-create value for their shareholders.


Leaders must adapt and rise to the challenges created by ever-changing circumstances. It is easy to become consumed with the immediate. Yet as a leader, you must step back from the issues that each day brings and assess the big picture. Our executive coaches act as confidential sounding boards and advisors while holding the space for contemplation and visioneering you need to lead and succeed.

Women in Leadership

The rise of women into society's most powerful leadership roles—across sectors and around the globe—ranks among the most profound social transformations in recent decades. The transition from managing to leading is challenging for everyone, and women face unique obstacles. With fewer role models at the top, many women struggle to find their authentic leadership style and create a work-life blend that promotes wellbeing. We invite you to join us in our commitment to advancing women in leadership.

What’s Your Level of Leadership Agility?

Senior executives have ranked agility among the most critical leadership capabilities needed today. What is leadership agility? In essence, it’s the ability to lead effectively under conditions of rapid change and mounting complexity. To assess what level of agility you are currently operating from and create a path for growth, contact us today.






Leadership Insights for Women in STEM
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