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Business leaders are under pressure to innovate, inspire and implement ideas, and to keep leadership skills sharp and current. While formal education equips leaders for the technical demands of their role, the development of leaders’ personal growth and relationship skills is better achieved through coaching. We believe coaching is one of the most effective tools available to take leadership development to a deeper and more sustainable level – whether focused on the individual, team, or the entire organization.

Our approach embodies a systems-thinking perspective, with a set of values about how people and organizations best work. We use behavioral sciences theories and research to improve organization and individual effectiveness, manage change and align people, processes, and practices for success.

As a Founding Member of the International Coaching Federation, our CEO, Dr. Kimberly Jackson, hand selects coaches from our rigorous qualification process for our global cadre to ensure the effectiveness of the coach and their value to our clients.  This dedication to providing a world-class coaching cadre sets CKI apart from other providers.

Our coaching process, advanced tracking technology, dedicated and responsive Client Engagement Coordinators, along with our aligned and engaged coaches deliver coaching with unparalleled impact for the individual, team, and organization.

High Profiles

You live your life under the scrutiny of the public eye. For those in very public or prominent positions the pressure to perform can be enormous; exciting at times, but incredibly stressful. You need an advisor you can trust, who gets you and who keeps you grounded, focused, intentional, and strategic. 

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C-Suite & Boards

C-suite and board members each hold unique roles. Their positions give them enormous influence over the success of the enterprise. Effective corporate governance requires collaboration between boards and management teams. Building a stronger partnership between the C-suite and the boardroom can only benefit companies in the long run.

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In the knowledge economy, teams are the principal means by which work gets done and organizational value is created. Teams today face a variety of challenges, from virtual and remote work to teaming, to cross-cultural membership where team members may have different values, languages and working styles.

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Emerging Leaders

Emerging leaders are smart and talented high-achievers in their current roles. They consistently produce more and better work than their peers, are considered subject-matter experts and know how to attain results by their own accord and through others. They are driven to accomplish great things. 

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Motivated individuals seek executive coaching to enhance their leadership competencies, expand their advancement opportunities, or determine whether they should be moving on. They may be tired of the pressure, the numbers game, the maneuverings, or the public relations facade. 

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Women in Leadership

As women ascend the corporate ladder, many of them find they suffer from directional challenges. Partnerships, marriage, motherhood, and community often vie with work responsibilities, thereby making it difficult to juggle all the competing demands and desires of work and personal life. 

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Leadership Insights for Women in STEM
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