Women in Leadership

Study after study finds that companies with more women in leadership roles tend to be considered “higher quality” companies, with better returns on equity. Companies that utilize female talent effectively also are 45 percent more likely to report improved market share.

Having more women in leadership roles is good for society, too. According to the World Economic Forum, countries with greater female representation are more prosperous and competitive.

In the United States, about 52 percent of all management, professional and related occupations were held by women in 2015. Yet women today account for only 5 percent of the CEOs of S&P 500 companies and less than 20 percent of the board members of Fortune 1000 companies. Clearly, there’s still plenty of work to do.

Why aren’t there more high-level female executives? It’s not due to a lack of desire. A recent Gallup study found that 45 percent of women express interest in becoming a CEO or holding another position in senior management or leadership. Of that group, 69 percent admit being very determined to achieve their goal.

Companies can and must do their part to help make that happen. It means committing to advancing and empowering women and putting in place steps that will allow women to climb higher on the corporate ladder.

At CKI, we are passionate about increasing the number of women in senior leadership roles within STEM fields. We believe that companies with inclusive and diverse cultures are better positioned to adapt, grow and thrive in a changing business environment. After all, innovation comes from collaboration and the sharing of unique ideas and different perspectives.

Our She's Up Community, Circles, and Cohorts are an investment in the next generation of women leaders in STEM fields, providing them with content, tools, and networking opportunities that can help pave their way toward their next leadership role.

She's Up! Community

Opening October 2022

How would your well-being shift if you carved out time to connect with other women in leadership to share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas? How would your leadership skills deepen if you had monthly access to a leadership lab that focused on learning and applying a core competency such as improving team performance or leading organizational change? We invite you to join the She's Up! Community to glean wisdom every month from Dr. Kimberly Jackson and selected guest experts in a live leadership lab, along with socialized learning opportunities with peers such as movie nights, book clubs, and field trips.

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She's Up! Circles

Opening November 2022

Do you want support applying and executing what you're learning in the She's Up! Community? She's Up! Circles are safe spaces to share your struggles, give and get advice, and support one another. They are offered three times a year; winter, spring, and fall, and run for a 90-day cycle. Join with 4-6 other She's Up! members for three 90-minute Zoom sessions facilitated by a She's Up! Certified Coach, for an intimate discussion designed to provide you time for socialized learning, gaining different perspectives and feedback, and networking with peers.



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Executive coaching

She's Up! Leadership Institute

Leadership development has a new urgency, both in terms of helping current leaders meet the demands of the modern workplace and equipping next-in-line leaders to assume crucial responsibilities. Our program is a blended solution of executive education and leadership development coaching. It centers around the leader’s top three initiatives.

The program is designed for mid to senior-level leaders who lead a team or division. At its conclusion, the members of this cohort will increase their leadership agility and be agents for change. They will deepen their strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence, coaching of directs and peers, as well develop their executive presence, leadership style, and personal brand.


Accepting Applications January 2023

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Leadership Insights for Women in STEM
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