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We believe in partnering and co-creating development journeys with our clients. We want to build a relationship with the team leader and team, understand who they serve and why, The typical consultation process most coaches use isn’t sufficient to make a decision of this investment level. Therefore, we provide the team an opportunity to experience the coach through a Try Us On Event.

Our first step will be to create a dialogue with you to determine a challenge you want to work through or an opportunity you want to leverage. Then, you bring several or all of your team members with you to Atlanta-- or have us come to you-- and let us facilitate a body of work for you.  For example, we could lead an innovation lab for your team, or we could facilitate a leadership development activity. This way, you can experience our methodology, see how we work, and see if the synergy/collaboration meets your expectations. Afterwards, we debrief and answer any further questions you may have to discover if we fit and will be moving ahead with the engagement.

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Leadership Insights for Women in STEM
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